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I might not have updated for awhile and I'm not very active but I hope to turn that around eventually. Currently I work 40 hours every week (overnight at that) so I have low energy and zero time between working and sleeping.

*Note: I vote when I like something. I rarely comment because I suck at organizing my thoughts. I'll try to give some encouragement occasionally.*

Song of the day (03-05-16):
'The Con' - Tegan & Sara
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Ubiquitous-Kiss Ubiquitous-Kiss Sep 03, 2014 12:09PM
@Lime_Kasai  thanks, I'm glad you think so. ^^. I don't know when I'll really begin working on 'Mirror Mirror', but I hope it's just as good.
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Enter Wonderland

Social data: 23.4K reads. 392 votes. 96 comments.

Description: There was an accident. Taking the advice from the voices in her head, Alice follows the White Rabbit down the hole. She ends up in Wonderland. Alice finds out that her soul has been split to pieces and resi...

20 Parts - Completed

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