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I might not have updated for awhile and I'm not very active but I hope to turn that around eventually. Currently I work 40 hours every week (overnight at that) so I have low energy and zero time between working, studying Chinese and sleeping.

I am working on new stories all the time, but hopefully I can get around to finishing up some stories on here. I'll also be adding my fanfics from asianfanfics little by little.

*Note: I vote when I like something. I rarely comment because I suck at organizing my thoughts. I'll try to give some encouragement occasionally.*

Song of the day (06-04-16):
'As You Want' - Aristophanes
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Ubiquitous-Kiss Ubiquitous-Kiss Sep 03, 2014 12:09PM
@Lime_Kasai  thanks, I'm glad you think so. ^^. I don't know when I'll really begin working on 'Mirror Mirror', but I hope it's just as good.
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Description: Am I an idiot? What am I doing here? Someone please save me.


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