Life's status: It's gonna get better, I promise. :)

my old soul partner ; @KPGC_Jonginnie

My music taste ranges from "You need to listen to this now" to "I know, please don't judge me". Wait, where can I sign up for Alex Gaskarth fandom? Call me when you find out. I'm pretty sure he is indeed an inspiration. He just saved my life I say nothing because you guys wouldn't understand.

I am a weirdo. I feel weird whole lotsa times.
I loved watching passersby as they went about their business. I liked making up stories for each individual and travel through their stories. Thus, I eat stories for a living.
I'm a time-traveler and the only fuel I need is time. I learned my lesson and now? I'm chasing my dreams, it's about time because the only thing infinite in this world is our dreams. Sadly, infinity was never meant to last and infinite things were but infinite. So, ladies and gentlemen, start to live your life. Please remember to be forever young even if you grow up. Love yourself so no one else has to, and when they lock the gates before you, find a way to climb them. For the best or worst only you can tell.

Good luck, life is hard but this world doesn't need a tough personality but a heart that was toughen by God.

A Papa God's follower, forever. ❤

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Open my book that has been locked for the longest of time there wasn't a password after all. Let's be friends? :)

The Minimalist:
Should you decide to ask questions I prefer you do so here:

You rock!
Ree x ❤
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            Hi? Haha. Do you guys still remember me? I haven't been active for quite some time. Well, actually, i've been mia for so long. :( I feel like i'm already missing out the fun here since I don...
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