*peeks out the front door*
*hands the visitor (you) a cookie*

Inside I have tea, coffee and fruit too, along with sweets...

My name is Arnesia, however, feel free to give me a nickname. Recent nicknames are:

- Arnie;
- Arny;
- Arre;
- Peanut butter;
- Princess (No idea why);
- Tiny.

In real life I'm actually pretty shy and introverted...but on here I like talking to people and making new friends. ^-^

My inbox is always open, so if you need to complain or rant, or if you're just looking for a person to talk to, you can text me.

- Medieval Fantasy Kingdom RP (FINISHED)
- Superhero RP - The remaking (TO BE DELETED SOON)
- Individual Roleplay (OPEN)
- Drawings, Writings and a lot of Me (ongoing, slow updates)
- *Gives up* (never-ending, I hope)
- ***upcoming secret book***

Honourable mentions of friends:
(Not being in here doesn't mean you're not a good friend!)

Feel free to ask if you want to be there too!

Thanks for 300 followers!
****Still not really done****
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