Why hello there internet. Twiright here, back from the grave and possibly revamping my account. Maybe. I'm a teenager with a habit of starting stories and losing interest half-way through. Maybe I'll get inspiration/courage one day....[insert sombre music] So hey, random facts.

- Virgo (whoop whoop)
- I'm an avid (albeit lazy) reader who's open to anything. I usually like read adventure, fantasy, horror, a hint of romance, usually anime style....But hey, got a story? Then tell me and I'll go check it out.
- I'm a budding rock lover. Yeah. Shiny geodes are like the best thing ever.
- I wouldn't say I'm good at puns but it makes me ridiculously happy whenever I crack one. (The title of Queen belongs to one Barbara Dunkleman)
- My heart belongs to anime and manga. And K-Pop (Girls Day FTW)
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sweetyoungj posted a message to Twiright
Hi. you're one of the people who read my story Unspoken and left a heartwarming comment. You can come back and check it out as I gave a lil retouch to it. :)
WildFyr posted a message to Twiright
Hey, I noticed you have Albyn on your reading list and I wanted to thank you for taking interest in it. I see that it's still on your read later but I wanted to let you know that Albyn has been edited, and is being re-wrote. It's also got a cool new cover. I don't know if you still use WattPad.or if you'll read this message but I thought you should check it out. I'm also on movellas if you use that site - username 'WildFyr'
      Thanks again :)