I’ve written a book called “Shadows: Book of Poems”. I have anxiety and it felt like I was in the shadows, but now I like to think of myself as someone that’s supposed to be in the shadows, you know… like a ninja, but without the stealth and fighting ability. I’m working on several other books, but don’t know which one will completed first. You see, I write sections of any of them whenever I randomly come up with something, this is why I always need a paper and pen or laptop. Typing on the tiny screen of a smartphone isn’t very convenient, I need a Galaxy Note 3. No, forget a Galaxy Note 3, I need a Galaxy Note 4. Yeah, I know that there’s no such thing, but there will be… there will be.

Other people talk to people, they just walk up and start talking. That isn’t me at all. I watch people to see if I might want to talk to them. The problem is that there are often no dark shadows in broad daylight and people may see me observing them. Did I mention that I’m afraid of the dark? Even if there were shadows I probably wouldn’t be standing in them, psychopaths might be in there and I’m afraid of them too. Did I mention my anxiety?

I have anxiety, but I ignore it. I still turn off the lights (when I’m not alone). I still go outside to complete errands. I was a speaker at my graduation, because it’s cool to be a role model in school, right? Uhhh… no. But I didn’t care about that. When I started school the kids and maybe even some teachers thought I was a deaf mute. I really tend not to care what anyone thinks. I violated the dress code all the time by wearing a cap from my cap collection, everyone else had to take their cap off and they didn’t like me very much, but I wasn’t there to make friends. I had friends here and there, but didn’t do what they were doing. Friends want a partner in crime, but I was their friend and not their partner. My friends were.. (Word limit. See more at http://tshaywrites.wordpress.com/about/
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