So, yeah, i'm BUTTERCUP... you guess right, i am one of those genetically made girls by Professor... unlike popular belief that my sister and i have popped out of a caserole after accidentally adding chemical X- that's all a lie.

My sisters and I are actually Batman and Superman's legit kids... that fact alone has chemical X written all over it.

so yeah, we too became superheroes and is given the privilege to fight the lesser bad guys in this world- having the Justice League members as your god parents makes life suck like that.

Damn overprotective... Anyway!

Dad- Superman- loves Blossom, thus the long red hair that is like his cape... while daddy- Batman- being the whiney and "Justice shall prevail to the weaker ones" one adores Bubbles, thus the blue and grey matching of clothes... while I- the middle child, left to deal with Mojo Jojo... kidding. I guess i'm the black sheep.

Thus, explains, the ANGER ISSUES.

But Grandpa Dumby (Dumbledore) said its cool to be different, yeah, whatever... so that's why that snot no nose fellah wants you dead. no offense...

So now, i'm on wattpad cause my doctor told me to take up a hobby instead of kicking ass all day long. even if it is sort of a job requirement.

So there, just thought to clarify things up.

Now piss off, you're bugging me. Go talk to Bubbles, i'm sure she'll be all over you and go, "I have a new friend Octy..." on you... *snicker* good luck with that.

speaking of my sisters... if anyyone of you try anything on them, you'll answer to me, capish? good. remember, i have pardon for being a super heroine and a year round access on platform 9 and 3/4.
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    In the Kingdom of my dreams with my King and bubba
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    Mar 29, 2011 09:36AM

Triszjhkha Triszjhkha Jan 13, 2016 01:56PM
Lost about two decades of my work :(
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