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[ Message to haters;
Roses are red, Violets are blue, I have five fingers on each hand but the third one is for you ]

🐟Quinn; She/Her; Pansexual; Mom™

🍰Izzy; She/Her; Bisexual; Dad™

📚Harvey; He/Him; Bookromantic/Asexual (Gay🌈); God

✏Brice; He/Him; Artromantic; Second Mom™

👓Tyler; He/Him; Polyamorous; Jesus

✨Jade/🐮Jason; She/Him/; Polyamorous/Asexual; Baby™

🌸Kyle; He/Him; Polyamorous; Second Dad™

🍱Adam; He/Him; Bisexual; One Guy (TOG)

🎧Ty; He/Him; Gaaaaay aaayyysexual; Emo Demon™

🌑Mitch; He/Him; gAAAAY/Asexual (no homo tho); Bitchell™
⇧If you get the emoji joke we)
⇩ love you)
🌍Jaiden; He/Him; gAAAY; Animal (in bed ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

😽Jess(e); She/Her; Lesbian; Shipping Queen♛

🌺Shelby; She/Her; Lesbian; Shipping Queen's Queen♕

🐱Rea; She/Her; Lesbian/Asexual; Satan™

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