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Hi just wanted to do a little shameless promo here! So I’ve been writing this Arranged marriage book and it’s my first time writing anything so I would love it if a few people could check it out and give me some pointers on what I could do better? The book is ok my page ”To have and to loathe”
          Also, I found out another author has a book with the same name as mine and they wrote theirs first so it’s like my duty to change the name of mine yk? So any recs on what to chabge the name to would def be appreciated. 
          Thx in advance! < 3


Just an FYI, I changed the name to Ambivalence!!


Hi girlies, can anyone give me any romance book recommendations with fluff, or no smut, or just mentions spice but not details. 
          Or similar books to Lilah. 
          Please let me know thank you. 


            Hey you can try 
                      Marrying the soft hearted villain
            Its a chinese novel. I really like the communication between the ml &fl. Both characters are sweet and caring.


@stylistbitch  you should try out @leiiii403 , all her books are wonderful. They have elements similar to Lilah


Has someone read that story in which there are two sisters one older and one little they get reunited with their older brothers and that story has a sequel which tells the story of little sister and both sisters marry their brothers friend any one read this book a very long time ago but not able to find it now