I love werewolf novels and stories,i love any story about shifters period lol 

i love reading,obviously ^_^ ,singing,drawing and writing poetry.

I love wolves with a passion and admire big cats.

I'm a huge romantic. <3

I enjoy meeting new people so feel free to message me. I promise I don't bite... much ^_^

I would rather spend my time outside,but things dont always go according to plan

I cant grasp the concept of of Checkers,but i can play Chess with no problem. lol

Im open minded

I have a low tolerance for ignorance and bullying

I love to laugh and joke around,besides tomorrow isn't promised to you so why not enjoy the time you have? ^_^

I have two pit bulls Asini and Isabeau <3

I'd like to hear what some of you think about my work,I'm really curious LOL
I know,I know, curiosity killed the cat right? Well its a good thing I'm a wolf ^_^
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A Werewolf's Revenge

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Description: Azura is a 20yr old werewolf who's only concerns were having fun on her 21st birthday and going to college to jump start her career.Soon all of that changes when she bumps into some wolves from a different pack and finds her mate. But little does Az...

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A Place of Peace

A Place of Peace

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A Place of Loneliness

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I Care Not For Such Foolishness

I Care Not For Such Foolishness

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To all those who have been put down just so someone can build themselves up,to those who are hurt by the...

Wow, it has been quite some time since the last time I was on here lol I know my story has sort of fell by the wayside and I apologize for that though when life throws you curve balls its a bit hard to ignore. Hopefully some time soon I will be making weekly updates on my story. 
      I even have a new story that I have been working  on that I think you guys would like ^_^ 
      Though, my girl Azura takes top priority at the moment lol I 'll keep you guys posted on what's up with my story. So until next time, Peace ^_^
      (Man it's good to be back lol)
Hey Watty friends lol 
      Sorry about the wait on the updates, I lost my thumb drive and it had everything on it. All the edited chapters and all.  BUUUUUT.... I FOUND IT!! lol so I can start working on my story again. 
      So thank you guys for being patient with me and for reading my story. I really appreciate it. ^_^