Woof~! Hi~! My name is Daniela, but you can call me Dan/Danny/Nel. You can also find me on Fanfiction. net (bearsruletheworld). My current OTP is KeithxLance from Voltron legendary defenders of the universe. 

Some of my favorite anime/mangas include
•Fairy Tail
•One piece
• Owari No Seraph
•Yuri on Ice
•Kiss him not me
•Acchi Kocchi
•Love Stage
•Super Lovers
•Lucky Star

I also am madly obsessed with Voltron, but I mostly read fanfiction for that on Ao3. But any good suggestions I'd be willing to read them!

I like yaoi. I also somewhat like BTS. Not my favorite, it's alright. My favorite band is honestly Panic! At The Disco. I also have a large obsession with Hamilton (the musical)! Umm like seriously, Hamilton! Also if anyone can download both Cabinet Battles can you be nice and tell me how? I have every single song including Congratulations expect the Cabinet Battles.

Thanks for reading my bio and visiting my profile~!
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