I swear I'm not nearly as cringey now as my comments from 2016 make me out to be. I apologize for putting those things in the world jfc they were so bad. 

My name is Boston, I'm an afab agender demiboy, and I'm a polyamorous panromantic gray ace with a lean towards feminine aligned people.

I'm fairly good at art in my opinion and I'm learning how to work with digital art programs. My music taste is generic af including the Emo Holy Trinity, A Day To Remember, Pierce the Veil, Icon for Hire, as well as Marina and the Diamonds.

I'm currently obsessed with Voltron Legendary Defender and I ship pretty much everything except Shidge.

Aside from Voltron I enjoy ships like Destiel, Johnlock, Merthur, Phan, Stucky, Spideypool, Eremin, Hidekane, Billdip, Bmblby/Bumblebee/Bumbleby, White Rose, Nuts n' Dolts/Mechanical Rose, Seamonkeys, and Sportarobbie (because we forsake our dignity like warriors). I also like reading fics about Drarry and Ereri however in canon those relationships are less than healthy and ultimately have high probability of becoming abusive.

Note: Femslash is underrated and underrepresented. Bi, ace spec, homo, and pan women deserve to be in happy wlw relationships (not to discredit any bi, pan, or ace spec women in wlnb, wlm, or no relationships, you're lovely too <3) Rant to me about that ;)

Rang to me about anything really, I enjoy the socialization even if I'm slow to answer. My excuse for that is I figured out how to work AO3 so I'm over there more 👀

Other account: -TheLastGayTimeLord-
AO3: HiImTransButThatsASecret
Tumblr: oh1itschristmas

I believe both my header and profile pic are by acatnamedskai on tumblr tho the header might be by someone else, I'll work on trying to find that soon.
I used to be mylesbianlifestyle but I changed my label and don't ID as lesbian anymore. I'm really sad bc I loved that username so much.
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I apologize too everyone that replied, tagged, or pmed me between today and January 5th. I. Went on hiatus without telling anyone and that was rude
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