You can call me Tracey or Trace. I live on Jupiter. I'm old enough to use the internet, hah! And I love One Direction. But my favorite is Harry Styles. Though, yes, I love Liam, Zayn, Louis, & Niall. Their songs had me at the first beat. & they're so gorgeous.

FYI, Tracey Sparks is just my pen name. Ya know? Like Madeleine Wickham's Sophie Kinsella?

Have fun reading my work. If you liked my story, please don't hesitate to fan. Vote & comment, also. I would really appreciate that.

♥ Tracey
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Description: Christine Walt can't choose between two guys -- the guy of her dreams and the guy who really makes her happy and makes her feel special. She's utterly confused and well, leads the two charming guys on with no...


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