I'm your typical friendly, outgoing girl! I love to talk to new people and read/write poetry:]. My best poems come when I'm feeling down..which is a lot.

Hmm Lets See:
-I'm Kinda short but thanks okay right .? :]
-My favorite colors are green and purple and black.
-Smokeee Is What i do all day everyday.. but not really I actually do things..
-I don't bite... hard. so don't be afraid to talk to me :]
-I have 2 dogs which I'm in love with.<3
-I need to get more fans :]
- I LOVE Andyy Sixx&&Alex Evans. <3
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ToungeTied420 ToungeTied420 Apr 15, 2012 04:07AM
@KaityAcie Oh yeah! I Love Alex Evans :D . Heh, Hii Kaiity , I' m Mina. Thanks For fanning :]]
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