So this a joint account owned by two smexy humans! Even thought this is a JOINT account, Jade is never hardly on it.

I'm Damon. Brown hair, blue eyes. English.

I ♥ my pornstar bestie @XxAdorkableX She is amazeballs and we are pornstars together!

*I flirt


*I play football, cricket, rugby.

*I'm tall!

*I'm very violent.

*Have a twin called Jayden. Thats it, if you want to know more, just ask. ;)


Okay so let me tell you some things about Jade.

*Her name is Jade and she is in love with a guy called Jade o_O

*She eats ALOT

*She is fucking hot!

*She is the nicest girl you could probably ever meet and I love her

Im Jade. My other account is @JadeVince146
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