Alright.. About me.. I'm 18..

- I'm from Texas, but currently live in New Zealand with my second family who are from London.

- I've met Karl Urban and the lovely Lucy Lawless, who I thought did a stunning job in Spartacus. I also plan to meet Cliff Curtis and Simone Kessell if I can!

- I enjoy travelling, I've been to DC, Scotland, Ireland, England.. the list can go on for longer than the limit of characters i'm allowed to write.. (Not really :P)

- Yep i'm a writer. If i'm not out sightseeing with friends, i'm on Google Docs writing up story ideas or elaborating on 'em.

- George R. R. Martin is my legend, and if I ever got to see him, i'd run over, beat his reflexes, and give him a big ol' hug. Regardless if he thought I was a hug-rapist or not. Which I am.

- Despite my love for GRRM, I am straight. I am in no way a homophobic, but have never actually met a gay dude, truth.

- I play guitar and piano, and at rare occasions, I whistle.

Thanks for reading!

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Sweet peeps (a-z):

@Ashygurl16 - Cutest girl ever, my sister!

@CiaraLovesYou - The sweetheart that fails to bore me.

@giggleandpunch - The sexy nerd who shares so many similar interests with me.

@Lunarecliptica - My kiwi twin!! Wewwtica!

@Mynameisnotforyou - My first friend on Wattpad!

@Vivi_chan26 - The amazing super cool babe!
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