And it is Friday again! Welcome to all my new followers. As promised, here is another story I wrote back in college. It is called Footsteps and I imagine I was having a bit of a bad day when I wrote it. 
          	If you haven't gotten the chance, check out Bob Moore: No Hero. Bob is a non-powered PI in a world of super powered people. When Bob is called to help a super from his past, he'll be pushed to his limit. When supers and the police think there is no crime, can he get to the truth? Will he want to for the man that destroyed his marriage?  
          	For more of my short stories and other works (including one that might turn you off hamburgers forever), check out my page here on Wattpad.


Just read fresh air and i must say Tom that I think that would make one hell of a book if you went forward with it, I know I'd read it.  And on a side note,  Gale! Come on man that sucked you know what im talking about lol


Hey Tom Andry. My name is David Cruz. I am a college student majoring on motion graphics design. I been looking through many great stories but have not yet found one that actually caught my attention as much as yours did.I like the idea and the way the story is told. I was wondering if you will be interested in having this story made into an ANIMATION. I am a good after effects user and as well as a good artist. I am building my animations portfolio and wanted to make a animation for a great story to start with and have as artwork experience. My idea is to make the cartoon and post it on youtube so that it can catch people's attention towards your stories and also my style and ability to create cartoons. 
          Let me know if you will be interested in giving me the permission to use your content to create the animation. I can show you some of my work so u can think about it.  
          P.S. Although i do not offer any money (because i also will not be making any money) i believe this can help our careers and might make your fans happy. As they will be able to relive their story on a animated cartoon with your great first person story telling. You can KIK me to Cruz_yowp or email me to 
          Looking forward to your response, thanks in advance.


@TomAndry will you please read my book and tell your followers about it. I would be forever grateful. Its called The Shaniex Shadows and also I loved the book Bob no more it was epic.


Hey man, I just started reading No Hero and I have got to say it is a very good story so far, especially the dialogue, the sarcastic underhand humor, it started off good and you've got some solid ideas going on. My only dissapointment is that it doesn't have as many Wattpad views as it should. Anyway I will continue reading, keep up the good work


I liked No Hero very much. I tried to go to your website for the info on next novels but i could not open it. Anyways i just wanted thank you for writing a great story and updating it here on wattpad.


Sorry. The site was down last week and, of course, I was off at a conference. Should be all sorted now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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