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About me!:
Name: Kelsey
Age: 14
Religion: Christian
Single like a pringle
Zodiac: Pisces! (Birthday: March 9th)

None Is useless! Even You! Your Not Useless! We all have a Purpose in this HELL of a world. Sure all the shit going around, Drugs. Murder. VIRUS. The list goes on. But! The world is way better when you exclude those things, it honestly makes life better, it's hard to do that I know, I learnt it the hard way... but It makes you happier!

Favorite Band(s):
Set it Off, Imagine Dragons, All Time Low, Palaye Royale, Gym Class Heroes, RIXION

My favorite fandoms:
Fnaf, Bnha/Mha, Demon Slayer, Yona of the Dawn, Hazbin Hotel, Batim, Mortal Kombat, MysticMessenger, noragami, Haikyuu!

Husbandos & and Waifus!:
Kaminari (mha), Toga (mha), Nejire (Mha),Alastor (hazbin hotel), Husk (hazbin Hotel), Sir Pentious (Hazbin hotel), Yun (Yona of the Dawn), Zenitsu (Demon Slayer), 707 (MysticMessenger), Tetsurō Kuroo (haikyu!), Yato (noragami), Kageyama (Haikyu!), Nishinoya (haikyuu!)

If you have taken a blade to that beautiful body of yours, skipped a meal at least once on purpose, or cried yourself to sleep because you "weren't good enough", or tried any form of self harm, thought of or attempted to take your own life, copy this on your profile.

Friends! (Hurt them. I'll hurt you.)
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Me just casually going to add unravel to my playlist and then go to bed XD@ 2:56 am lmfao
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