Heyy! As u can tell, I love Tobuscus. :p Duh! I'm new, so no hatin.

I SAID NO HATIN! I dont accept haters, so if you are one, go away. right now. walk away.
Things I like
chester see
the color blue
watchin vids
playin video games
grilled cheese

Things I Don't Like
stupid people
idiot drivers
singing in public
people tryin to take my food
animal abusers
stuck up people
awkward conversations
being told to be normal (im not exactly normal)
being made fun of
my cousin (kali)

:3 so thats pretty much it. I am NOT normal. Just trust me on this one. Btw,I like pie, so frickin SUCK IT!!! k, see ya round.

Normal People: Call newborn cats kittens
Warriors Fans: Call them kits
Normal People: Would never put this on their profile
Warriors Fans: Would put this on their profile

Normal People: Can talk forever how their crush is hot
Warrior Fans: Can defend that Firestar is hotter
Normal People: Think cats to Heaven
Warrior Fans: Know they go to StarClan if they are nice, or Place of No Stars, if they are evil
Normal People: Think StarClan is not part of Heaven
Warrior Fans: Know God made StarClan for cats
Normal People: Play catch
Warrior Fans: Play mossball
Normal People: Would never put this on their profile
Warrior Fans: Would put this on their profile =D

Wattpad Idols or friends

@Parogar (Idol)

@mentai (friend)

@vaporizeniall (friend)

@number1PTXFAN (sister/friend)

(P.S. I love Toby Joe Turner)
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Hey, just wanna say I'm working on Chapter Eight for Turning You!  I figured I might as well get back to it, and I know some of you have been wanting an update. :)
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This is a joke people.
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