Hi everybody, I’m Kate!

I’m twenty and a junior in college. I love to write (obviously) but I'm pretty sure I spend more time thinking about writing than I actually spend writing. I'm five feet and ten inches tall, so the first thing I do after developing a celebrity crush is Google his height. I love overcast skies and cats and sweaters and baking cookies, because I'm actually an elderly woman trapped in a teenager's body. I'm addicted to Candy Crush (level 827 and counting). I can't sing to save my life. I hate speaking in front of crowds. I think French accents are funny, especially when paired with false mustaches and tiny berets. And I'm sort of hoping that someday, writing will be more than just a pastime for me.

Here's my tumblr. http://elephantparkas.tumblr.com/
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Here's my celebrity crush (subject to change). http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/ansel-elgort

Float reached Teen Fiction # 1 for the first time on June 9, 2012.

I swear I love you guys but please respect it when I say that...
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Description: Seventeen-year-old Charlie Kennedy has always been second-best compared to her older sister, Olivia. Now that Olivia is getting married to fancy-pants heir Scott Dixon in a million-dollar Los Angeles wedding, Charlie’s even more invisible to her mot...

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britzel_33 posted a message to ToastedBagels
Guys she updated it after a whole year, I'm sure she will update it again. It's called patience. Read more books , and CALM YOUR TITS. She has a life and DOES NOT need people like this: 'omg plz update like are you dead? 'Or 'you owe us an update' like no she doesn't owe us anything. She writes for fun and for herself too, not just us. So shut up, and stop acting like you deserve an update because with this attitude you deforest don't. 
jellymuch posted a message to ToastedBagels
Look guys, we all want her to update 'float,' but keep in mind that she has a LIFE!!! The world does not revolve around you, so please stop complaining about how much you want her to update. She's a college student, and I'm pretty sure she already has enough annoying homework; she doesn't need any annoying complaints either. So shut up, and find another book to read on wattpad. (And fyi if you guys want to know when she posts and update on 'float,' u can hit this button called a NOTIFICATION!!!) 
i am sorry to bother ypu again but i understand how people telling you to 'update float' doesent help any so i am just going to say i love your work and you are an inspiration :)
_achilles posted a message to ToastedBagels
Hey, float is an amazing book, but Jericho is even more amazing- could you please, when you have time, update them both because you're a seriously talented author!
shabizee posted a message to ToastedBagels
hey kate i understand that we all have lives bt plzzzzzzz u are killing us by making us wait for float plzzzzzzzzzz update sooooooon.............................