Well i love to write stories and such but i have a hard time sticking to just one for a while so i usually switch around with the stories but the get done evenutally.
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Tough Guy Love

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Description: Amaya Milton is a shy girl who only has one friend and an abusive father. But her life changes when she stumbles in the house of a well known gangster, Dom. She is thrust into a life of drugs and illegal trade. Nothing will ever be the same her. Not...


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My Powerful Alpha Mate

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He's A Werewolf...And I Love Him

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"It's going to be like Lost. What if it's my turn and I don't hit the button." Then the whole island was going to be destroyed. Right? I should have really watched all of the seasons of Lost.
Man that show was so confusing, it hurt my poor brain. I still don't get the ending. Did they die or not?? Were they always dead? Idk it could have ended better and more clear

I really don't like the idea of love at first sight. Because honestly thats pretty shallow. You fall in love with how a person looks. You don't know their personality or their life or attitude. There has been almost no kind of romance in the time those two knew each other. Its been mostly sexual. So for jesse to mean EVERYTHING to him is really out of context and random.

"Isn't it obvious?" He laughs, as if it should be clear to me as to why he has betrayed his own flesh and blood. "He's like a goddamn child!" He snaps, turning serious. "I have to clean up after him...
Wow zedd is acting like a spoiled child!! He gave him EVERYTHING and as soon as he doesn't give him what he wants he goes and tries to kill him!?!? Wow