"I drink to make other people more interesting."-Ernest Hemingway.

I'm me. I like things I like and if you don't like my books don't send me hate just don't read them.

For those who like my books YAY :D I will try and update as much as i can.

I like books, movies and drawing. If anyone leaves comments on my books it will be appreciated :)
Also if anyone wants to inbox me asking about my books, go ahead.

My Books:
The Protector, Changed, Dreams, Special Circumstances, Things Cant Get Better If You Give Up, Quotes.
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Tinkerla Tinkerla Jul 18, 2015 12:22PM
Hey Everyone!!
            Sorry about the wait but Special Circumstances is now updated! 
            Love you all xxx
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Special Circumstances

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Description: After her sister, Jasmine, falls ill with a rare disease, Ava, sets out to steal enough information to find the cure. This a story of adventure and action, it follows Ava on her chase for information...


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Just a book of quotes, not my work. I am not to be given ANY credit for any of these quotes unless other...

The Observer

The Observer

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So this doesn’t have a story line, it’s a person’s thoughts/accounts of concepts thought out life but th...

Things Can't Get Better If You Give Up.

Things Can't Get Better If You Give Up.

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Just something i thought some people need sometimes :)



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This story is about a girl was the person everyone cared about and loved but when vampires attack the ci...

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