I LOVE Doctor Who and that's all I will be writing. I only write about the new series. 10, 11 (maybe 9), and all future Doctors. 
I DO NOT write Rose and Doctor romances! Don't get me wrong I liked Rose but I would like to move on. I don't like the show for the romance or the hotness of the Doctor (tho it does help) but the adventure and time travel.
I will try to upload as many stories as I can as soon as possible.
I don't like writing author's notes but if I do you should read them because its probably important.
Also I don't know if you noticed but ET by Katy Perry is basically my theme ;)
Thnx for reading!

Order of My Stories

1.) Doctor Who Adventure: The Doctor's Sub (Adventure 1)
2.)Doctor Who: A Blast From The Past And Future (Short Story 1)
3.)Doctor Who: Angels & Demons (Short Story 2)
4.)Doctor Who: It Was A Dark And Scary Night (Short Story 3)
5.)Doctor Who Adventure: The Doctor's Story (Adventure 2)
6.)Doctor Who (Short Story 4) : Atlantis The Lost City
7.) Doctor Who (Short Story 5): Circus Nightmare
8.)Doctor Who: How It All Ended (Short Story 6)

Extra Stories That Don't Have 2 B Read In Order

1.) Living With The Doctor
2.) Doctor Who: The Child Of Bloody Mary
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@Deeaath Lmfao ikr. But i just had to think of a funny username then let the rest go with it ;) 
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Story Reading List