Hello :), I'm Madison, but I strongly prefer Maddy. Don't know why, I just always have. Anyways, I'll just list the basics about me:
~Fave Color Is Purple
~Huge One Direction Fan
~Forever A Directioner ^
~Huge Harry Potter Fan For Life!
~Celebrity Crush Is Niall Horan
~Music and Writing On Wattpad Is My Escape From Reality
~Favorite Song Is "Lights" By Ellie Goulding
~Known as The Shy And Super Sweet One In My Group Of Friends
~My Best Guy Friend Jamell Often Gets Protective Of Me When He Believes People Are Taking Advantage Of Me Always Being So Sweet (Which happens a lot. People tend to think they get to walk all over me just because I'm always so nice and I let people do that. I'm never mean because I love being nice and I know how it feels to fake smiles....)
~3 of My Friends Have Literally Saved My Life At Separate Times
~Love Italian Food
~Wishes To Visit London, England and Australia
~Love The Show "American Horror Story"
~Stay Strong Is My Motto and I Will Get A Small Tattoo Of It One Day

That's pretty much it :)! So...um.....goodbye =D!
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TillForeverEnds99 TillForeverEnds99 Jun 08, 2011 05:05PM
@thevelvetrose thanks :) I'll make sure to ask you any questions I have :)
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