I was born on November 18! I like anime, BANDS, and writing. I've always loved Music. As in, IT'S MY LIFE!

Twitter: TickleMeGoth


Black Veil Brides (BVB Army xD)
Get Scared
Sleeping With Sirens
My Chemical Romance
Escape The Fate
Falling In Reverse
Pierce The Veil
a bit of Fit For Rivals
Panic! At The Disco
All Time Low
Asking Alexandria
Johnnie Guilbert
Crown The Empire
Jordan Sweeto
Still waiting for the new Andy Black album
Juliet Simms
Snow White's Poison Bite
One Ok Rock
Twenty One Pilots
Stolen Hearts

Favorite Song and Favorite Anime:
Song- Black Veil Brides- Fallen Angels or It all depends on the day, I can't seem to favor just one BVB song.
Anime- Naruto or Fairy Tail

Idol and secret crush: Andy Biersack
Favorite anime character:
can't choose between Zeref Dragneel or Itachi Uchiha
  • Location:
    Depends.... right now the Legion of The Black
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    Aug 31, 2014 09:42AM
TickleMeEmo TickleMeEmo Mar 16, 2016 11:55AM
What I think of:
      Damn is Black Veil Brides some sexy motherfvckers!
      Oh wait, what about that one Pierce The Veil song... King for a day! Oh well, I'll sing it anyway! 
      *voices literally alternating i...
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Drag Me To The Grave (Black Veil Brides - Andy Biersack Love Story)

Social data: 398 reads. 41 votes. 120 comments.

Description: It's funny isn't it? How the world can go so fucking shitty within a day? I mean terrorists and diseases were problems yeah, but most of us still had our freedom. Now that F.E.A.R is coming to reign, everyone...


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