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Hell is wonderful all year around. I should know. I crawled out if it.

Hello boys.
(and girls)
you have reach the end of sanity, and i am the cliff.
*name- sassmaster, Satan, really whatever you feel like calling me. I'm not picky.

*gender- the better one (slight offense meant)(fun fact)(I'm occasionally rude)

*age- supposed to be mature (lol)

*weight- one hundred and sexy-beast

*height- fuck you tall people

*sexuality- fuck you and you. But then leave.

*religion- all hail queen Rowling, leader of the Harry potter cult.

*race- buddy, if I'm running, you'd better get your ass in gear because the apocalypse is behind me

*appearance- occasionally in public, mostly in the house though. Kitchen counter to be exact

*family- kill me now

*friends- people with nut allergies stay far away from them

*relationship status- very committed to a wonderful, sweet, soft guy....... who is my cat.......... details details

*personality- depends on who I'm with

*special talents- pissing people off both on purpose and not, avoiding my responsibilities, eating popcorn

*Life goals- Become a Dragon. Own at least a hundred cats by death.


I suck at writing as well, so most of the stories I post will not be mine (obviously posted with a disclaimer saying it's not)

*best person to try to get in contact with if I'm not answering- @C-Chizel. She has my number so you can try her.
My cousin is on here as well, @
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