My name is Thomas, I'm 25 years old and I work as a technical assistance specialist for . A year ago I graduated in a technical school with a degree in computer networking, and I don't have any plans to initiate a family in the next few decades. Now all my efforts and care are focused on self-development and growth in a professional leadership.
Within my job I enjoy most of such moments as communicating with individuals from different countries and cultures, solving technical issues of sophistication. The feeling once I have solved a tough, at first glance, unsolvable issue is inexpressible. When functioning in this circumstance, experience is obtained quite quickly.Moreover, if initially this experience issues the solution of problems, then at dawn phases it more goes to the automation of this solution of these problems and organically leads to professional growth, which can be enriched with many non invasive, fundamental trifles, which then can be helpful when you wish to career.
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