Hi. So, my name is [Hailey]
I'm trash for a lot of different things, and I'm too lazy to name them. :)

I couldn't fit Urie in the name thing so I had to go without it and just use "Brendon's Eyebrow". Sad.

I'll never say I know what you're going through. Because I most likely don't. And I know it's hard to talk about most things, but you can talk to me whenever.

iNteRnet SuPPorT gROuP

My main goal in life is to make as many people happy as I can. I don't like seeing people sad, it doesn't matter who they are.

Described as a "romantic.. dreamer.." by my mother.


Dear Bullies,

You know the boy you punched in the hallway today?
He committed suicide a few minutes ago.

That girl you just called fat? She is over-dosing on diet pills.

That girl you just called ugly? She spent hours putting make-up on, hoping people would like her.

That boy you just tripped? He's abused enough at home.

That boy you just made fun of for crying? His mother is dying.

That old man you made fun of for his scars?He fought for our country.

Put this on your account if you care. I bet most of you won't.

My aesthetic is Pete Wentz wearing a fedora.

I have officially told my mother I am an atheist.

I think I'm pansexual?

♀+♀=♥ GENDER
♂+♂=♥ DOESN'T
♥ Put this on your page if you support every kind of relationship♥

We kill flowers because we think they're beautiful.
We kill ourselves because we think we aren't.

Rest In Peace, Alan Rickman.


Stay alive |-/

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