This is the story that binds two girls together.. love and Percy.

we are alike.. we both are tomboys.. we both have been shown the cruel side of life

we be the prankster duo so better not mess with us
pm us.. if u are a boy then great!

we both have klutz in our blood.

We enjoy life as it is with no fucking expectations like others

some people have a great life
some people have an ok life
some people have a sulking life
and last but not least, life completely blows.

But we describe life as even worse if you like to consider it.

"fuck this" and "fuck that"

we don't care anymore. we do what we want and when we want, and you better not get in the way.

because if you do~ you can consider yourself on-
THE HIGHWAY TO HELL~ :) with a hope of having a peaceful life over there.

but I still love you peeps :)
  • on the way to hell!! wanna join us?
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Thepranksterduo Thepranksterduo Jun 16, 2016 01:05PM
Heyo peeps,   It is brokenimagination1 and hiro yato Percy... signing in.We are Thepranksterduo and we will prank you for sure. So beware! And we are watching you...        ~Thepranksterduo
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