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Heyo, the name's Theodosia Crypt Bloodline! Nice to meet y'all!


I welcome one and all to this place called "my account on wattpad"! Feel free to pick out a book and read~


Please do message me, I'd love to hear from y'all :D


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Will Cipher

Shine Star CreationsTM
Willeo Ciline [don't bother searching it up, there's nothing there]




Gravity Falls | My Little Pony: FIN | Star Vs The Forces Of Evil | Marvel



Art | Music | deCIPHER | Melanie Martinez | Simon Curtis | Good Grammar Books (no kidding)


⇢Without You ─ Human! Will Cipher X Reader ⇾ hiatus

⇢A Family's life ⇾ hiatus

⇢Gravity Falls X Reader ⇾ hiatus

⇢The Key to my World ─ Human! Bill Cipher X Reader ⇾ hiatus

⇢A Lil Longer ─ Dipper X Reader ⇾ hiatus

⇢Falling Stars ⇾ Discontinued

⇢Advantageous Memories ||Bill Cipher X Reader|| ⇾ Coming Soon

⇢D. T. M. [Bill Cipher X Reader] ⇾ Hiatus

⇢Start of Time [Will Cipher X Reader] ⇾ Hiatus

⇢Apocalyptic Love ⇾ Hiatus

⇢Change ⇾ Drafting/rendering process

⇢Partners in Crime [Mabill] [Collab fanfic] ⇾ Ongoing



"When gravity falls,
and earth becomes sky,
fear the beast
with just
Eye." - F. M.
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TheoCrypt TheoCrypt Nov 17, 2018 12:08PM
HAHA IM SORRY FOR DISAPPEARING FOR LIKE A GOOD TWO MONTHS SJJSJSI couldn’t redownload Wattpad bc my phone storage was full (it still is now but.)So. HI, I HAVE RETURNED FROM THE DEAD.I’ll be disco...
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Your Honour by TheoCrypt
Your Honour
An RP between myself and yanapangit Just. Yeah. Have fun reading this mess of an rp Our OCs are from Deck A...
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A New Perspective  by TheoCrypt
A New Perspective
An art book. It's nothing much :) #580 on Artwork
Rewritten (Read Description First!) by TheoCrypt
Rewritten (Read Description First!)
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