Thekherham: I was born on the planet Tereskàdhar, and my species are called Tereskàdian. The closest animal I could relate to would be a fox. I am bipedal and digitigrade (I walk on my toes). I am six feet tall, slender, with a somewhat pointy muzzle, large black eyes, black nose, and whiskers (two sets, a smaller set near the front of the muzzle, and a longer set further back, with a little blank space between). My ears are small (well, not small-small, but not big either, because I come from a very cold environment), and because I'm a male, and because males keep their genitals inside their body when not in use, I have ear tufts (which the females do not have), or should I say fine hairs running along the perimeter of the ears, with the hairs at the tip of the ears a bit longer than the ones on the other two sides. I have auburn fur, and a long, bushy tail which is also auburn, although the tip is black. The tail is carried up along the back, and when viewed from the side, looks sort of like the letter 'S', with the black tip hanging down. (Tereskadians are rather vain about their tail... our (ahem) one fault). My eyes are black. Yes, I do have pupils, but sometimes it's hard to tell. I have four claws on each of my forepaws and my hindpaws, so sixteen alltogether. When Tereskàdians reach sexual maturity a poison called desdhak'hŏr appears in the claws. This is an extremely deadly poison to which there is no antidote. It does come in handy when hunting, because we are pure carnivores (meat and only meat.).

Kykherhenha: I have a rather lengthy description of my whistling dragon, as well as some other information related to my species but Wattpad only allows 2000 characters. Let's just say that Kykherhenha is a mammal, and she has wings, so maybe you can call her a pseudodragon. She does not breathe fire, and her species does not kidnap princesses or whatever.

Hey, I still have some characters left.
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No I am not a horse lol. I had a previous picture here that I didn't like and I was trying to find another picture of yours truly. Well, maybe later.
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