This account has TWO owners-Natasha [the one who has common sense] and Castiel [the complete idiot xD] (:

I'm 16 years old :D
I'm bisexaul,& I don't give a shit (;
I'm never shy,& I'm willing to talk to anyone unlike that asshole who also owns this account :b
I'll be blunt,but never rude. If you respect me,I'll give it back in return c:

I am ALSO 16 ;)
I'm straight,BUT *real talk] I lean a bit towards being biCURIOUS.Just saying
I'm English American, so I'm naturally a blonde haired, green-eyed pretty boy.Though I have the tendency to dye my hair various times with outrageous colors & prints >:D
DONT listen to a word Natasha says,shes a little bitch LMFAO<33

ANYWAYS, again, this page belongs to both Natasha & Castiel, hence the username saying "Their" in it.
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