Hey there! My name is Ely and I am technically a writer, though I suck at updates. I've got a lot of fanfiction around here, but I probably wont post a lot more, these days, because I've moved onto other seas (FF and AO3 under the same usename, if you're interested). Any I do post will be primarily demands from the fans or stuff I'm too self-conscious about to post elsewhere.

What I may offer you, however, is some of my original works. I would love if you would take a peek at some of them, but again, I suck at updates so don't get too attached.


Other Accounts: @askthecharacters @Catstartledthewriter @Fandom_Mag

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Thecattygrl Thecattygrl Jul 22, 2015 06:53AM
Casual reminder that I have a lot more updates on my Fanfiction and AO3 account under the same username. If you're interested in my work, I highly recommend you head over there.
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Stories by Ely Fargo
Just A Man Named Gatsby by Thecattygrl
Just A Man Named Gatsby Fanfiction
"Who is he?" I demanded. "Do you know?" "He's just a man named Gatsby." Lovino, trying to escape the European life he left behind, has gotten himself a one-way ticket to America where...
Arranged by Thecattygrl
Arranged Fanfiction
Marriage has always been a convenient tool for the great kingdoms. The Hapsburgs to the south had sprouted from the unlikely union of several small kingdoms and the greatest wish of the Soviet king has always been...
Attack On Talia by Thecattygrl
Attack On Talia Fanfiction
The titans have taken over the Earth, pushing humanity behind the walls Maria, Sina and Rose. It's not an easy life for Ludwig, his family and friends gone and broken around him. It's thanks to Kiku's project that...
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