Hey there! My name is Ely and I am technically a writer, though I suck at updates. I've got a lot of fanfiction around here, but I probably wont post a lot more, these days, because I've moved onto other seas (FF and AO3 under the same usename, if you're interested). Any I do post will be primarily demands from the fans or stuff I'm too self-conscious about to post elsewhere.

What I may offer you, however, is some of my original works. I would love if you would take a peek at some of them, but again, I suck at updates so don't get too attached.


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Thecattygrl Thecattygrl Jul 22, 2015 06:53AM
Casual reminder that I have a lot more updates on my Fanfiction and AO3 account under the same username. If you're interested in my work, I highly recommend you head over there.
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Featured work.

Just A Man Named Gatsby

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Description: "Who is he?" I demanded. "Do you know?" "He's just a man named Gatsby." Lovino, trying to escape the European life he left behind, has gotten himself a one-way ticket to America...


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Marriage has always been a convenient tool for the great kingdoms. The Hapsburgs to the south had sprout...

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Attack On Talia

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The titans have taken over the Earth, pushing humanity behind the walls Maria, Sina and Rose. It's not a...

Marching Boys

Marching Boys

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The final judgement has finally come; Not in the form of angels or fire, but as an army of young boys, m...

America's First Hamburger

America's First Hamburger

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A USUK family Story England invites over France to try and make the perfect sandwich for his little bro...


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Story Reading List

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