Hey, I'm Brittany and I'm typing this because my "best friends" are lazy bums. If you only want to talk to one of us tell us or we'll all talk to you. You'll know who you're talking to because we will be using the first letter of our names as a sign off thing, haha. Okay, here's a little about us. 

-14(You old fuck~S)
-Straight (but I don't hate)
-A little dirty minded.
-I don't like lables but for some reason I get labled emo.
-I over use xD, ^-^, o.e, and ._.
-I love to write songs.
-My favorite colors are teal, blue, and black.
-If you typ lyk dis don't talk to me.
-I wish I had a british accent.
-Lol is a conversation killer.
-I'm a grammar nazi.(Yeah...-_-~S)
-@IwriteYOUread is my personal Wattpad profile.
-Peaceskies! (Damon :D~S)

-Also 14. (We're the same age ass hat. ._.~B)
-Also Sraight (Dont hate)
-Dirty minded :P
-Im a pretty random person. (No kidding ~B)
-Um, Unicorns are real...
-I LOVE music!
-Boys with lip peircings<3
-@ShyanneAtkinson5 is my personal wattpad account.
-I love my friends and making new ones! xD
-Wanna know more then talk to me. (No one wants to talk to you. ~B)
-Fair Winds! xD (Last time you said wins.~B)

(It's Brittany again, Makayla's to lazy to type this. ~B)
-She's 14.
-She's REALLY dirty minded.
-I think she's a hippie.
-Her favorite color is tie dye.
-She calls everyone love and dear.
-Love is love.
(she'll probably add more to this later ~B)

Okay, so that's a little about us. If you fan us we will give your your hearts true desire... HAHA! Nah. We'll probably just give you a taco or something. xD
OKAY BYE! *awkwardly waves*
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@Punk_Geek Of course you did. You love me. ~B
@MrsRobsessed Aha, fruits Basket is A-MAZ-ING! ~B
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