I warn you.
There's many, maaany crazy stuff listed here. Just for brave readers !

-le shipping trash-
And yes, I'm a strange person
(If you haven't figured out yet)

*deep inhale*
BOIIII go check out my friends @starloverrebel and @akikoloveyaoi if you don't want my ugly face to haunt ya in your dreams !!!

Random Person: You're ugly
Me: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
RP: You're fat
Me: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
RP: Your shippings don't make sense
Me: *demonic voice and eyes turn black* I give you 3 seconds to run

...seriously, never question my shippings they are law to me

Person: *makes fandom reference*
Me: *hears it*
Me: *jumps through window*
Me: *rolls over street*
Me: *swims through ocean*
Me: *runs through desert*
Me: *jumps from roof top to roof top*
Me: *spider-crawls into building where person stands*
Me: YoU haVe sUmMoNeD mE !!!

My fandoms: (aka the stuff that drains out all of my life energy)

-The Legend of Zelda
*Zelink trash
Zelda Games I played:
*SS(my absolute favourite)

•Star Wars (Rebels)
*Hera and Kanan best shipping in the galaxy T^T
//Random person: I don't ship Kanera
Entire SWR fandom including me: *pull out guns*

•NieR Automata
•Avatar -The last Airbender
•No. 6
•Fire Emblem
•Attack on Titan
•Detroit - Become Human #protectmahboi

--Other shippings--

•Kylux/Reylo (I think he's bi ?)
•Chrobin (both versions *hue hue*)

•drawing (Even though I suck at it I try at least)
•reading fanfics (That's why I'm here duh !)

So you actually read all this ?
I guess you expect a reward now...
Well then...
Here, have some space waffles ! 🍪
they're just cookies... I ate the waffles myself.
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