Hello, I am the Glassman or Mr. Glass for short.
Welcome to my corner.


I will mostly write random stories that come to my mind so don't expect a consistent genre of books. I would also greatly appreciate any feedback or help with my works, so feel free to pm or just comment on the chapters.


Possible Stories I would be working on next (titles will be added later) :

1) A superhuman based story

2) Paranormal themed story

3) A story about pirates

4) Fantasy (dragons and all)

5) More Fantasy

6) Action-based story (guns and more guns)

7) Apocalyptic Dystopia (the usual)

8) Fanfiction

9) More Superheroes

10) Historical fiction

I don't really have anything else to say, you are free to check out my works if you want to and check out my reading lists if you are looking for good reads, I would really appreciate it if you checked out the reading lists.


Feel free to pm if you got any questions or you just want to talk.
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