Yay you found me!

Let's get on with an introduction shall we.
Wolf: hi I'm Wolf and this is Funtime Freddy, but I just call him fred, we are here looking for his friends.

Ft. Freddy: Hey you started without me!!

Wolf: sorry I was just practicing.

Ft. Freddy: Wolf, the thing is on!!

Wolf: oops...wait how come I'm not in the picture!

Wolf: old enough

Ft. Freddy: I-I don't really know, but I have been around for a-awhile!


Ft. Freddy: I'm a b-boy of course!

Wolf: They/Them

What we look like:

Ft. Freddy: well w-what else would I be!! I'm a an-animatronic bear!

Wolf: ... do I have to do this?
Ft. Freddy: y-yes!
Wolf: *sighs* I look like a human sorta except I have long wolf like ears, small horns and a long lanky tail, I'm also albino and have a anthropomorphic form but who cares. I usually wear a muzzle and eye covering because I want to.
Happy Fred.

Ft. Freddy: very!


Wolf and Ft. Freddy: *glance at each other and shug*


Ft. Freddy: I like b-bon bon, my other friends fr-from the pizzeria I'm from, s-singing, kids, and my newest friend W-wolf! (*chuckles* I also li-like scaring them from t-time to time)

Wolf: I like music, sweets, singing (only when I'm alone or in the shower) and Fred's company is enjoyable.


Wolf: I dislike spicy things, and most of humanity for personal reasons, but I'm trying to be more open

Ft. Freddy: I do-don't like my creator and h-hurting kids, or that he ma-made me hurt them *looks down sadly*
Wolf: *pats Ft. Freddy's back in a comforting manner*

Wolf: tell us if you have questions
I'm always up for any rp all you have to do is ask

Have a nice day and thanks for taking the time to read this ^w^

Role play:

Bon bon-
Funtime foxy-
Circus baby-
Elisabeth Afton- @Elizabeth-Aft0n
Eggs Benedict- @Princess_Monika_57
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