Hello, and welcome to my page! 
I'm The_Fandom_Artist, but you can call me Echo! I'm a young artist, hopeing to do something useful with my life. I'm insanely addicted to the Legend of Zelda franchise, and Attack on Titan. I also love Gravity Falls, and could probably tell you almost everything about it. I'm a total geek.

I update anytime, usually on the weekends because of schooling. I'm currently taking a small break from writing to work on my art. I've decided that's my career path, and would like to improve. For now, my updates will be scarce and only every-so-often.

I do realize that the majority of my first stories were of Gravity Falls and that's how I got up to the amount of followers I'm at. Do make sure to check out my newest stories, aswell. I'm getting better with each fan fiction I create.

You will find that most of these Fandoms below will be either made into a book or referenced. It all depends on what I manage to come up with and if I can keep it going.

Fandoms I'm in:

• Legend of Zelda
• CreepyPasta ((Spooky Noodle Strings))
• Marble Hornets ((Little Ball Stingy Buzzies))
• Attack on Titan
• Voltron
• Blue Exorcist
• Gravity Falls
• Seven Deadly Sins ((Anime))
• Doctor Who
• Steven Universe
• Harry Potter
• Warrior Cats
• HunterXHunter
• (I don't consider Mario a "fandom" but I'm into it)


Be prepared for excessive ranting, and positive comments. I love to help anybody who is willing to take it. Please be patient with me and understand that I may be late with updates and art requests.


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The_Fandom_Artist The_Fandom_Artist Oct 31, 2017 10:48AM
Hai guys!So, I won't be doing this often, but it needs to be done.A wonderful writer has fallen low on reads, and has begun to stop updating their stories more and more, seeing as how few people ac...
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