You have no clue how long I sat here thinking about how to start this thing, I guess this way is a good as any. At least it's honest... 

Anyway, I'm a short story writer. I'd like to write longer pieces of work but considering how much time I spend on the short stories alone and how much trouble I have finishing those thats probably not going to happen, but there's always hope, right?

I made this account in hopes of having it inspire me to write more. I use to do it quite a bit but lately the crazy-ness of life keeps getting in the way. Plus I think I'd be better to get some of these stories on paper instead of having them roaming around my head all day, they are quite distracting :P

So anyway wish me luck! I'd love any feedback you could offer to help improve!

Sorry if I seem a little dull or lifeless in this "About Me" thing, I'm actually an okay person when you get to know me, so message me if you want! :)
  • I think the username says it all ;)
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Thorn No More by TheWorldInsideMyMind
Thorn No More Short Story
“I don’t know what I’m going to do.” I said sadly, “I mean what can I really do?” I picked up the rose and let it gently rest in my hand. “No one keeps the thorns once the rose dies…” Rae has spent her whole life...
Last updated Dec 15, 2011
Words of the Blade & Blood Hero by TheWorldInsideMyMind
Words of the Blade & Blood Hero Poetry
Last updated Dec 15, 2011
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