It’s finally time!  The 2017 Watty Awards have been a smashing success, with over 280,000 stories involved from around the world. We’ve read some incredible tales, been captivated time and again, and had our eyes opened to whole new worlds.  Now, we’re announcing the winners of the Wattys. You can find them all here: 

Thank you to everyone for participating and making this our biggest, most successful Wattys ever!


If one of the five chapters is a prologue does it count?
          If on f the five chapters is a second part to another chapter does it count?


I’m so excited; I’ve been on Wattpad for something like eight years now and I’ve never had a really good, completed story to enter in the Wattys. This is my first year entering!
          Does anyone have any tips for this Wattys newbie?


@ATotalNerd Hi,
            Stories don't need to be completed to enter The Wattys, they just have to have 5 or more chapters =)
            But good luck!
            WorldofPedz - Wattpad Ambassador


@DrAyaz Oh my story is finished (though I’ve started the dreaded editing process lol) so I’m not worried about that, I guess I’m just curious to see how they judge the entries to find winners, and how the whole process works in general. Thanks for replying! Hopefully this’ll be a fun experience :)


@ATotalNerd Yeah me too! There will be a work published on this profile for further and detailed information about The Wattys. As far as I know the stories might not be completed as well. But there can enter just the stories that have a certain number of chapters which they will explain it on the book which will come in this days. Just follow up this profile to get notified when the contest will start :)

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