Hey all you awesome people!!
Maddie and Isabelle have decided to make a joint account so we can (finally!) upload our awesome, maybe even warped Jonas Brothers stories.

In case you didn't already know we are from the awesome country AUSTRALIA AND MADDIE IS AMAZING! =)
Isabelle's just boring and BLEAH!

It would be awesome if you guys want to fan us on our separate accounts:
PurplePeterPan – Isabelle
TheShuffleOne – Maddie

Well I guess we should probably fill you in on some background about our stories and how they came about. (Just so you guys don’t think that we’re too weird and we scare you off, because as far as we’re concerned we’re the normal ones, everyone else is weird)

It all started one day when we were travelling down to the Gold Coast and listening to the Jonas Brothers when Maddie was looking out the window at the bush and was convinced that she had seen a bear (We live in Australia so this is impossible, unless it ran away from a zoo..) Anyway, Isabelle being...well Isabelle, said ‘Oh yeah Maddie, maybe the Jonas Brothers were there as well!’

Since then it just sorta kept going and going and going until we ended up with like 200 pages full of the Jonas Brothers and they’re non - existent adventures that probably aren’t even humanly possible! Although we would like to believe that somewhere in a parallel universe there may be a slight chance that the Jonas Brothers would be bush warriors joining an army with the Smurf King.

Oh and yes Isabelle and Maddie are writing in third person and if you don’t like it we’ll set our smurf armies on you!!

Random things about us:

-We both love pizza and watching football (NSW RULES!)

-We just baked a cake and are waiting for it to come out of the oven

-Isabelle is more AWESOME than Maddie!!!

-Maddie just thinks she’s more awesome cos she’s delusional!

-The cake tasted really good!

(='.'=) This is Bunny. Copy and paste bunny into your profile to help him gain world domination

Bye Bye :D
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TheWarpedOnes- TheWarpedOnes- Nov 20, 2011 05:16AM
@ThatVampireChick Heyy Soph.  Thank-you and I know, you told me that you'd almost finished writing it.  When will you be posting?
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