It all started with Cindy. 

Actually, it started with Edward, the inventor, and his investor Ken's crazy ex-wife.

But the line of life-size dolls with artificial intelligence, well, that started with Cindy. And it was not a happy beginning. Or ending. Or really any of it at all.

In fact, it may give you nightmares. It may leave you unable to sleep with the lights out. At the very least, it will send chills running down your spine, and leave you watching your back for weeks.

So if you don't think you can handle it, don't read the stories. It's that simple. Sure, it means that you won't know the terrifying truth behind some of the most popular fairy tales, but if it means keeping your sanity, go right ahead.

Just don't blame us when they come for you and you don't suspect a thing.

Who's 'they' you ask? They're the most terrifying beings you'll ever hear of. They're heartless. Cruel. Corrupt. They're pure evil. They... are dolls.

But not just any dolls. These are life-size dolls, with artificial intelligence. They look, act, and talk like they're real. You wouldn't be able to tell them apart from a normal human. Until it was too late.

By now, you are probably wondering who we are.

Well, we are Mother Goose.
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