It's been a very long time since I've logged onto here. What'd I miss?

Fav song right now: Novacane by frank ocean

Age:18 loving, complicated, contradiction, weird, awesome!!!, creepy, Very much enjoy sex and mentally incapable of making decisions
Occupation: Rainbow chaser, Ninja, stalker (part time), student
Hobbies: eatting excessive amounts of everything, reading, writting, sleeping,
Likes: books, arts and crafts, music, comedy clubs, poetry slams
Loves: CHOCOLATE, my sister by soul Rhode,
Music: I don't have a favorite type...but..uhhh...Frank ocean, Childish Gambino, Hoizer, beyonce, Kanye,Nicki Minaj
Fav poets: Jasmine Mans,Mike Gerbino,Sarah Kay, SuperB, Andrea Gibson,Phil Kaye, Alysia Harris, Kai Davis,Rudy Franciso,Joshua Bennet, SHANE KOYCZAN
Other stuff: Im part of the sexy unicorn army. Im a complete supporter of LGBT. As of recently I have no idea what I want to do with my life. Rain is wonderful. I'll try anything once...I want to learn to draw, dance, play piano and guitar, ASL and surf

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    In the dark depths of your closet eating your cookies
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    Jul 31, 2011 05:46PM
TheTruthAboutMe TheTruthAboutMe Mar 17, 2014 01:01PM
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Letter's I'll never send

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Description: Ever have something you've wanted to say but can't? So you write it in a letter in hopes that you won't blurt it out for no reason. Well these are my letters.


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Abstract Emotions

Abstract Emotions

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Happyness, sadness, anger,love, hate,pain its my attempt at putting all of these emotions into words, wh...

A day is all I need......

A day is all I need......

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April is national poetry month. And these are the poems I wrote. One for everyday of the month.

Fire Magic

Fire Magic

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BoyxBoy What happens when Izzy accidently sets Jordan on fire?

Black Hole

Black Hole

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Everything is good in loveritys life. She may be random, crazy and says her thoughts outloud but she is...

Story Reading List

Story Reading List

Story Reading List