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What's up, everyone? Name's Turlandb (or Turco)! Who am I, you may ask? Well, I am the strongest, and the leader, of one of the most powerful beings in the Multiverse. A Star Child! Us Star Children have the ability to use something called Star Power to control the energy and power, of EVERY Star in the Multiverse. Star Children also have a number of other powers at our disposal. Being the strongest of them all, I am known as... The Star God.

I also have a loving, and caring family at my side! Me, my wife Jen, our daughter Laura, her boyfriend Nick, and another member coming soon! My daughter is also a Star Child herself. It is her turn to keep the generations of Star Children going. Me and my family are also known as, the Star Family!

My archenemy is a sorcerer known as Anthony77. His goal is to wipe out me and my family and weaken the Star Child race.

Laura had a best friend, but she betrayed the Stars, her name being Kylie. Kylie is also the daughter of Anthony77.

I'm also a huge SMG4 fan. At least... I was. SMG4 screwed that up with the ending of the Anime Arc. I'm also a huge Mario x Meggy shipper. You can find a few MXM stories here.

Hope you enjoy my stories!

And please follow my cousin too. She is @meganlombard2003 .

And my friend in real life, @AceOfIceAndFire . Please follow him too.

And a side note, I also have an Amino account, also called TheStarGod.
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TheStarGod TheStarGod Mar 26, 2020 07:36PM
*Glitching out* My anger... Is causing problems... My sadness... Laura... Anguish...???: *Voice* Hehehehehehe, yes... Give in... Give in to your anger... Give in to your anguish... Give into your sa...
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