We strive to make SQUIPs welcome and free on this planet that is run by humans. We do hope you enjoy your stay.

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This is a mostly in character account run by three bea- *Ahem* We are three SQUIPs and this account was made entirely to tell our story.

We have the leader, GreenMountainDew, he is Jeremy's Squip. He keeps things flowing smoothly and keeps the other two on task even if they tend to bicker or get out of hand.

The child of the group, SaltyMint, they're Rich's Squip. They have a mild obsession with a certain home improvement store. They keep things interesting and make the others' job a little harder.

The yes-man to Green, TicTac, she's Christine's Squip. She thinks ahead, making plans for the future. She is a bit harsh sometimes, but only when needed. Usually she's very level headed, as a Squip should be.

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Credit for the profile photo: https://www.google.com/amp/s/clacomics.tumblr.com/post/167465403261/could-squip-just-give-us-a-smile-not-his-usual/amp
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This is a story about three SQUIPs: Jeremy's Squip Christine's Squip and Rich's Squip. Jeremy's Squip makes a...
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