Hey! I'm Steph! I love Harry Potter and everything to do with it! I'd love for people to give me CONSTRUCTIVE critisism and help me get some views :) Thanks! xo
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I Love A Sunburnt Country ~ George Weasley Love Story

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Seconded. I'm tired of the Elena-pity-parties. She needs to own up to mistakes and take responsibility instead of trying to make Rae seem like the bad guy all the time.
      Also, this chapter doesn't make sense in parts. Like, Remus just lets her sit in her room crying? And why do Ron, Harry and Hermione come to check on her? And at the start she says that Rae "let [Elena] spend so much money on [Fred]" but she didn't talk to Rae about it before, she told her what she'd bought, so Rae couldn't have stopped her anyway. *Throws hands in the air* I'm missing something for sure.