We're all living in a world without love, hoping and praying we can stumble upon it and make our dreams come true. Most of the time, we fail. We fail so much that we begin to give up on the things we love, the things we need. We look for an outlet for the words silenced in out hearts by the person that broke it in two. We seek the a refuge, we seek a home.

So that's why I'm here, trying to wake up the inner most corners of my heart and soul. The feelings inside tell me I've made a right choice. Now to see if they were right...

All of those brave souls that helped me make the first step:

JordanPark Frenchkid14 babydonahue SnapesDaughter

Thank-you guys so much for such a warm and accepting first day!
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    A place without love...
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    Jun 06, 2011 05:57PM
TheSilentSongbird TheSilentSongbird Jun 10, 2011 01:22AM
Thank God! Chapter Two was a success (for the most part) and went better than I originally thought! Thank-you!
            Now on to business. Chapter Three can be expected Saturday or Sunday (whenever I get...
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The Silent Songbird's Love

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Description: Sasha Moore, a silent and shy high schooler, has lost all hope in finding the love she always dreamed of. After a crippling breakup with her boyfriend, she assumes a state of silence and refuses to talk. Her i...


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