Hi Everyone!! *waves like a crazy lady!


For those that are curious, here's some random facts about me (kudos to those who make it to the end ;)

I LOVE READING!! (Duh!!) And I have a love affair with Nicholas Sparks' books. They are THE most beautiful novels I have EVER read <3

I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic - The Notebook and the Titanic make me cry everytime and my friends laugh at me EVERY time - LOVE YOU GUYS TOO!! I'll get them back...MWAH HA HA HAAA!!

I love Googling random quotes and then constantly say them to my friends...until they get sick of it :D
'Sometimes I pretend to be normal..but then I get bored so I go back to being me'
'Friendship is like peeing yourself, everyone can see it but only you feel the warm feeling it brings'

My Lava lamp is SO MUCH FUN TO WATCH!! Pretty weird, I know...but so true!! :D

Music is my life, the world would be a pretty depressing place without it :)
I am currently loving -
-Taylor Swift
-Pete Murray
-Simple Plan
-All Time Low
-Rascal Flatts
-Lady Antebellum
I could go on FOREVER but...I'm not going to bore you to tears.
My favourite song at the moment (It's constantly changing) is All Too Well by Taylor Swift, I absolutely love the lyrics of this song because it tells a story and paints the picture so vividly that you can imagine it in your head.

I love to sing at the top of my lungs in the shower (I love the echo but who doesn't? :P)

I also love to watch Football... and then tease my friends when they're team loses. It's hilarious. I know!! I'm mean but somebody has to remind of how much they're team sucks and how awesome mine is haha.

I have an addiction to Friends...and CSI....and NCIS...and The Big Bang Theory :3

<3 Legally Blonde, Grease and Finding Nemo. It's a weird combination, I know.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You made it to the end :) I know I ramble a bit but THANK-YOU FOR READING!! :D

That's all for now!

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