DOn'T eAt SoAP!

Reasons why I'm teen Ryan Ross:
- I'm an awkward emo
- I'm not so secretly obsessed with Brendon
- I eat my feelings away
- I write confessional lyrics
- I think Pete Wentz is a fucking god
- MCR makes me dance (and cry)
- I'm actually a smol bean that shouldn't be left alone... ;-;

Do you want to buy some band merch,
or just hang out at the mall?
A good Hot Topic trip is overdue.
I've started talking to the posters on the wall (hang in there, Andy).
It gets a little lonely, just listening to music all day *replay song* *replay song*
Do you want to buy some band merch?
It really has to be some band merch.
"Go away, you crazy fanboy!"
Okay, bye.

Me: *Runs into the room with an MCRX flag covering me* I AM THE GHOST OF EMO'S PAST!
People: ...
Me: *Casually walks out of room*

Tyler plays in the snow...
Tyler Snowseph.
Josh sings the Jaws theme tune...
Josh Du-Dun-Du-Dun-Du-Dun.
Tyler stars in Frozen...
Tyler Let-It-Goseph.
Josh goes to the beach...
Josh Sun.
Tyler is a model...
Tyler Strike-A-Poseph.
Josh exercises...
Josh Run.
Tyler almost beat Josh in a race...
Tyler Closeph. Josh Won.
Josh goes to church...
Josh Nun.
Tyler paints a picture...
Tyler Van Goghseph.
how many more of these puns can Josh take?
A Josh Ton.
Tyler ripped his T-shirt, but...
Tyler can Sewseph.
Josh turns around quickly...
Josh Spun.
Tyler plays limbo...
Tyler How-Low-Can-You-Goseph
Josh joins the army...
Josh Gun.
Tyler tells a story...
Tyler A-Long-Time-Agoseph.
Josh has had enough of this shitty bio...
Josh Done.

Interviewer: Why don't you ever take your jacket off?
Gerard: I'm really hooked on jackets. I'm like a jacket slut. it's weird.

Don't you just hate it when you get him a drink of water 'cause his lips are chapped and faded, call his aunt Marie, help her gather all his things, and bury him in all his favourite colours, but he still won't kiss you?
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