S H A R E D  A C C O U N T ! :D

Áine :) (I only know É and Š when it comes to accents :/ ~Stacey)
hey guys, im 14, yes i know im very young D:
from the mighty ireland and i have the accent xD
single but i kinda like someone atm hehe ::)
i have the 2 best friends ever and also closest friends too.
my bestest male friend, well i really like him :/
im really insecure about me weight even though everyone says im not fat.
love sports and make up! :D
addicted to youtube :D
my account is @ainecuddyx

Roisin :)

I'm 14 -.- I feel so young! D:
From Ireland too :')
Single pringle but I like someone who'll never like me back :(
Straight but also won't hate!:)
If you ever have a problem, you can ask for me <3 I'd love to help you out:)
I love smileys!:D
I love all music!
I love making new friends:') But I can be shy!
INSECURE!:O I really am (She really is ~Niall)
I'm ugly ugly UGLY! xD and thats the truth :( (no your not :/ ~Stacey) --

My account is @RoseyxxxBobo :)
Oh and.... I LOVE YOU!! <3

Alyssa :D

Hey beautifuls :D
I'm 12 (Don't worry Roisin, your not the youngest!) (YAY!~Roisin)
I'm from Tasmania (Hate it!!!!)
I'm single, don't really wanna change that :D
I'm bi, don't judge! But I like guys more ;)
I love 1D and The Janoskians <3
I love all the sexy peeps Im sharing this account with <3
I hate my face! :(
My account is @1DFanOfTheJanoskians.
FAN ME!!!! :D

Heya guys, its Stacey!!!!!!!!
Im 14, 15 in June
im from England!!!!
speak some German :D
I'm single!!!! Im currently busy with relationship prospects at the
im bi, you judge me, I shall hunt you down!
I love eminem, nickelback, slipknot, my chemical
romance and Lordi!!!!
The genra I write is horror, fantasy and thriller!!!I'm a Goth and a tomboy :)
Favourite quote: "Haters can make like bees with no stingers and drop dead" ~Eminem; not afraid
My account is @TheTypicalBlonde
fan me!!!
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Sooooo, anyone feel like chatting? ~Stacey
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