I truly hope you continue your story. It's so beautiful and well written and I love how multifaceted Rory is, like he isn't just this one sided character and has only one emotion or part of him that the other characters that SMeyer created does. It makes Rory seem human and yet so much more at the same time.


I love your story❤️and I can’t wait to see what happens next.


Are you still going to continue The Cold-Hearted?


I was just wondering if you planned on updating “Cold Hearted” anytime soon... I found the story last night and read it all in like 30 minutes and than  continued to reread it at least 6 more times, I am so in love with it, I love the OC and his name is absolutely gorgeous as is he  but his backstory, his closed off, cold exterior... it’s different, it’s new (to me anyway) it’s fresh it’s fantastic it really drew me in and it’s perfect 


Puedes actualizar... Por favor, me gustó mucho esta historia y me encanta Royal, por favor actualiza 


I hope you update soon this is a really good book in the making


You should really update "Cold Hearted"


Hi. You sent know me but I'm a new follower and I absolutely love your story and hope you continue it. If not that is okay. I just wanted to say its is amazing and would really loved if you continued and I know others would too.


@southinkucanfangirl took the words right from my mouth!!!!


Hey! I hope you're going to continue this story it is amazing!!